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Our Promise To Our Client’s

We have absolute confidence in our VIP Business Credit Build Out program. And when you purchase from us, we want you to be confident too. That’s why we’re making this guarantee to all of our customers. A promise that our service will not let you down.


Business Credit MasterClass VIP Business Credit Program herein after collectively referred to as, BCM, guarantees to procure a MINIMUM of $50,000 in combined vendor credit accounts, revolving credit lines, leases and/or loans for your company or we will refund 100% of the money paid to BCM. AT NO TIME will we ask for or require a personal guarantee for the business credit vendor or revolving credit accounts which will be procured on your company’s behalf, however, we may require an owner’s and/or principal’s social security number, date of birth, and/or other personal information for the purpose of applying for leases and bank loans. If your company wishes to exceed the $50,000 guarantee and has a principal of the company with a personal credit score of 700 or higher, it is also included in the counseling phase of BCM but does not imply or implicit any sort of guarantee over and above the $50,000 threshold.

  • To be eligible for this guarantee you must meet the following requirements;
  • Be actively enrolled and participate in BCM Program for a minimum of six (6) months
  • All BCM Program membership fees have been made on time
  • You must meet or exceed all corporate credit compliance requirements including, but not limited to, purchasing products and/or services to meet those requirements
  • Follow all of the steps in BCM Program and your technician’s recommendations to improve your company’s tradeline history and likelihood of approvals
    Maintain all payment terms and conditions with credit lines provided by BCM Program Trade Exchange Vendors

Failure to meet the above requirements, in addition to any existing delinquent credit accounts at the time of enrollment will not necessarily prohibit your participation in BCM Program; however, eligibility for the money back guarantee is no longer valid.

Because of the unique character of individual businesses and the changing demands of the credit marketplace, BCM makes no guarantee whatsoever as to the maximum length of time you may remain in the program to achieve the $50,000 business credit goal. Provided you meet all of the above requirements, BCM will continue your company in the program until that goal is reached. Additionally, the six month period for the guarantee begins on the date that the enrolled company satisfies all compliance requirements set forth by BCM Program. If at any time if BCM Program staff is unable to reach you for a period of 30 days, your program will be placed on hold for a maximum of 90 days. At this time, your account will be terminated with no further services will be rendered by BCM, eligibility for the Money Back Guarantee is forfeited, and a reactivation fee may be required to continue.

BCM reserves the right to report your company’s payment history to credit bureaus to accurately reflect your company’s credit worthiness. These reports may affect your company’s credit score positively or negatively, depending upon the timely payment of your membership fees.

Program Description

Establish Tradeline Foundation & Corporate Funding Readiness

  • Ensure your company meets industry standard credit compliance standards
  • Establish your company’s profile with Dun & Bradstreet
  • Build your company’s D & B Paydex score to 80
  • D & B profile cleanup, remove derogatory comments from file
  • Establish your company’s profile with Experian Business
  • Build your company’s Intelliscore to 80
  • Experian profile cleanup, remove derogatory comments from file
  • Provide known transaction-reporting vendors and exclusive Trade Exchange vendors
  • Open various Net 30 and revolving credit accounts to establish tradeline history
  • Evaluate existing business credit profiles and scores to provide strategies that increase the
  • likelihood of credit approvals
Corporate Credit Compliance Evaluation
  • Research your company from the lenders perspective
  • Provide low cost solutions to missing compliance items
  • Verify corporate status with your secretary of state
  • Credit Bureaus (within 30 days if needed)
  • Set up files with DNB and Experian
  • Get Paydex score and Intelliscore populated
  • Evaluate Key Scoring Factors that affect your company’s ability to obtain credit
  • Dispute derogatory information in your company’s credit reports
  • Ensure the consistency of your company’s data across multiple credit reporting bureaus
  • Learn the TRUTH about credit bureau products & services and how they can actually
  • Damage your chances of obtaining credit
Net 30 Vendor Accounts (within 60 days)
  • Open 5 – 10 Net 30 No PG vendor accounts
  • Obtain unlimited credit in vendor accounts
  • Establish and evaluate reporting
Retail Business Credit Accounts (within six months)
  • Open 1-5 revolving retail credit accounts
  • $1K to $10K in No PG revolving retail credit accounts
  • Establish and evaluate reporting
PG & No PG Business Credit Cards (six months to one year)
  • Open 2-3 No PG & Non-reporting PG credit cards
  • $10K to $50K in revolving credit card accounts
  • Establish and evaluate reporting
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